Dr. John Lusiiba


Dr. John Lusiba is an Adult Cardiologist at Ruby Hospital Kampala Uganda, he also doubles as an internal medicine physician. Dr. Lusiba is a specialist who is highly skilled and experienced in managing cardiac-related illnesses like high blood pressure, stroke, congenital heart disease, & cardiac arrest, among others. He has sufficient exposure to the full range of noninvasive diagnostics in cardiology including Electrocardiogram, Echocardiography, Exercise stress ECG and Holter monitor as part of the assessment of emergency and chronic cardiac conditions. He has been involved in noteworthy engagements, including
  • The Global Heart Failure Trial and the formulation of registries like the Acute Coronary Syndrome Registry at the Uganda Heart Institute.
  • The STEMI network coordination that tries to link emergency care for patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction in Uganda.
  • Coordination of International medical evacuations from Mogadishu- Somalia to Aga Khan Hospital in Kenya under United Nations.
  • COVID-19 Case management Team at Mulago National Specialized referral Hospital, where we pioneered COVID-19 treatment for most of our hospitalized patients in Uganda, taking part in care and treatment, formulating National treatment guidelines as well as research participation.
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