Find the Diagnostics
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Ruby Hospital Kampala covers you from simple to expert diagnostics and more...

Find the Diagnostics
You Need

From simple to expert diagnostics and more...

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Team Based Care

We provide team-based care that draws on the rich expertise of Physicians, Radiologists, Surgeons, Specialist Medical Professionals and  Health Nurses.

Outstanding Customer Service

Our high standards of excellence mean you get the best in service. We are here to offer every  advantage and every courtesy.

Unhurried Appointments that Run on Time

We respect  your busy schedule by running appointments on-time so that you  can spend more time with your care team and less time in the  waiting room.

Rich Medical Expertise

Medical expertise is best when teams  of professionals with deep knowledge in specific areas of medicine  work together to provide you with excellent care that is both broad  and deep.

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Need a Second Opinion?

One of the most important reasons to seek a medical second opinion is to protect yourself from misdiagnosis.


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