Ruby Medical Center Kampala Takes Uganda’s Medical Tech up a notch!

Uganda’s medical scene is crippled with low standard services and inefficiencies in almost all departments. All over the country, most hospitals and clinics have shortages of even the most basic equipment such as gloves and scrubs. From infrastructure to the last medical stuff, you will not get a whiff of any of this at the new Ruby Medical Center in Kampala(RMC).

RMC is a hospital that provides medical services of international standards. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure, advanced laboratories, adept medical professionals, caring paramedical staff, and advanced medical equipment are exemplary and a game-changer in Uganda.

The departments of Oncology, Pathology, and Radiology are up to international standards. You will find the only 3 Tesla MRI machines (3T MRI) in Uganda guaranteeing quality and highly diagnostic images for the doctors.

It’s located along the ‘well-known’ Lugogo By-pass, which makes it super accessible to the public — which would come in handy in times of emergencies where every minute counts. Also, patients and visitors can make appointments on the website days or even hours in advance.

Ruby is well-equipped to provide the best MRI in Kampala, X-rays, laboratory tests, cancer diagnostics, oncology and so much more. With plans for a pharmacy for outpatients and reference by doctors. RMC’s community is really diverse with multiple races and many women in high posts and has the best medical personnel in the country.

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